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Would give it 0 stars if possible.

Requires you to signup via Facebook. Not everyone has Facebook or is willing to use the service. Stupid requirements. Probably skimming info.

Not usable without Facebook!

Can't use this app without logging into Facebook. Why?!?! I just installed the latest version today. LAME. Also the Terms of Service link is broken, so there is no way to find out if you can use the app if you are not on Facebook.

Time Trial

Time trial is a very good app. I use it for ab workouts and use some of the other parts too. It gives me a goal to reach for

必须得绑定 Facebook

必须得绑定 Facebook, 否则用不了。

Doesn't synch to iPhone Health

Easy workouts, but it doesn't synch to any other apps or iPhone Health so I feel like it doesn't "count" toward any of my fitness goals and trackers.

Requires Facebook to use

Requires Facebook to use, so I could not use it. Boo!!

Can't listen to music...

App seems ok but the fact I can't actually listen to my music while it does it's counting is pretty lame.

Doesn't work

As other reviewers have said, you can't bypass the initial screen without a Facebook account. I emailed the developers several days ago but didn't get any response.

Non-fb'ers don't bother

The app requires FB to login. I can't give the app more than 1 star. Looks like it would be good though.

Facebook required

I don't have Facebook, so I can't get past the first screen. I was looking forward to this app.

Time trial workout

Lame only works with Facebook account.

Bought for review on other site

"15 Best iPhone apps that are now free" It's free because it does nothing. There are two links. 1. Connect to Facebook, I don't have Facebook, and if I did I wouldn't want to link them. 2. Terms of service, and this is a link to a blank screen.

Bad. Just bad.

App doesn't work. Just sits at the home screen. Booooooooo

FB required

You are apparently required to have a Facebook account to even use the app. Pass...

Where's the timer?

I can't for the life of me understand why there's no fifty-second clock with a ding sound to alert you to the fact that your interval is done. Good exercise concept, though.

Must log in with Facebook

This app requires you to log in with Facebook, no way around it. What do they want to do with my Facebook info? Their terms of use page is a dead link, so you have no idea what you're signing up for.

Cheap trick to access your facebook contacts

Please do not download if you do not want to connect it to your facebook. You can not use it without facebook account.


Keeps crashing upon opening.

App Doesn't Open - Does Nothing

I just downloaded this based on the BGR article today. I couldn't find the app in the AppStore using my iPhone. I had to download it through iTunes on my MacPro. I was then able to download it from the cloud as a purchased app on my iPhone. I click the app icon and get the pretty stopwatch picture along with a link to "Connect with Facebook". I have no interest in connecting the app to Facebook, but that's the only thing this app does so far. The link to the "Terms of Service" is a dead-end also. This one is deleted from my iPhone now.


Tried three times to download, install and open the app but it crashes every time. Attempted to install on iPad with the same results. Do people even review apps before submitting them???

Have to Link Facebook to Use

Can't review anything past the login screen because they require you to link your Facebook account. That should be a feature not a requirement.

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